Preventive Maintenance:
Maintains system performance, reliability, & uptime. Performed regularly, greatly increases user productivity resulting in an overall cost savings to the customer. Available quarterly, bi-annually, & annually depending on your companies specific needs. Power Backups shield PC's from power failure damage so common in today's power hungry environments.

Our PC Hardware:

 Our PC Workstations are always custom built to your individual company's network and user's needs. Thus eliminating the cluttered environment so common in pre-manufactured systems. We offer honest, down-to-earth opinions about our products. Gimmicks & misleading sales intros only work once. We avoid this & work hard on building your trust.

Ordinarily,  PC manufacturers use low quality generic components, decreasing system reliability & lifetime. In contrast, we use only the finest quality Intel System Board Chipsets & Kingston Memory Modules for proven efficiency, reliability & system uptime. This provides an overall savings to our customers in user intervention & support services. For your convenience, we also provide Value Support & Diagnostics Service Packages to minimize system downtime. 


Our Service:

At PC Services, we pride ourselves in fast, friendly, reliable on or off site personal computer service and repair. Now available, Remote & Phone Support Services!
We feature network design & support for Microsoft Windows Networks. PC Printer support, service, maintenance, & supplies;
and we service a large range of shops such as: Metal Plating, Metal Finishing & Testing Labs.

Input Devices / Monitors:

To deliver the demand for the high quality & comfort required in a business environment, we exclusively use proven  manufactured devices such as: Microsoft & Samsung.

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Reliable Printers:
We use only the highest quality Hewlett Packard Printers which provide consistent page output for those important forms transactions. HP printers are also a proven reliable source for all your printing needs.Cart